Rain and Maintenance Emergencies – Why Property Managers Get Their Phone Calls Answered First

Posted: December 20th, 2010  

When heavy rain hits Orange County like it has this week,
individual property owners are often left out in the cold because
contractors are prioritizing the work they do for property
management companies. Imagine this: you are awaken by a midnight
phone call from a panicked tenant calling about a major roof leak.
Images of damaged carpet, walls, attic insulation, and personal
property flash in your mind as you reach for the Yellow Pages.
While you find no shortage of phone numbers for “24/7 Emergency
Roof Repair,” you quickly realize that not a single one of them
picks up the phone. You begin to google local companies but find
more of the same. Apparently you aren’t the only one in Orange
County with a roof repair emergency. One man was in this exact
predicament when he called our company. We were able to send a
roofer out that same day. The roofer inspected the problem,
immediately implemented a temporary fix to stop the leak and fully
repaired the roof when the weather improved. We earned a new client
that day and still manage all of his Orange County rental
properties. The problem for the individual who manages his own
rental property is that his single job is not their top priority.
It may get done, but it will likely come at a premium. This is
especially true during a time of high demand…and let’s face it,
air conditioning problems only surface in the summer, roofs leak in
the rain, furnaces fail in the cold. The individual owner needs his
repairs at the same time EVERYONE else does. To be a priority, he
often has to pay more. On the other hand, skilled service companies
and contractors flock to property management companies because we
can provide them an ongoing supply of work. Our office receives
hundreds of solicitations each week. We hand pick companies that
answer our calls, respond immediately, price themselves
competitively, and make our clients and the properties we manage
their top priority. The relationships we’ve established with these
companies, not having to answer your tenant’s midnight phone calls,
and avoiding the frustrations brought about by service issues are
just a few reasons you should hire Coldwell Banker Platinum
Properties as your property manager. We’ve made the decision easy
by charging a property management fee of just 5% of the rent we
collect. -Brian Donlyuk -Director of Property Management

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